Monday, November 5, 2007

Trades 2004

Airframe by Michael Crichton - sent to EC-books 08/02/2004
Deep Six by Clive Cussler – sent to tynya04 09/04/2004
Evening by Susan Minot – sent to countedx58 10/09/2004
Judus Kiss by Jean Plaidy (Victoria Holt) – sent to Irissunshine 09/04/2004
Pen Pals by Olivia Goldsmith – sent to Bmattice 09/20/2004
The Door to December by Dean Koontz – sent to Irissunshine 10/04/2004
The Love Letter by Cathleen Schine – sent to EC-Books 08/02/2004
Watchers by Dean Koontz – sent to JeepACV 09/04/2004

RABCKs 2004

A 6th Book of Chicken Soup for the Soul by Jack Canfield – sent to haileymarrie 12/30/2004
A Time to Kill by John Grisham – sent to put 08/10/2004
Pendragon by Catherine Coulter – sent to cyber-librarian 09/26/04
The Everything Weddings on Budget by Barbara Cameron – sent to KayPendragon

RABCKS via Operation Paperbacks

Black Trillium by Marion Zimmer Bradley – sent to Duane 10/02/2004
Blood Hostages by J. Robert King – sent to Johnnie 10/02/2004
Diplomacy of Wolves by Holly Lisle – sent to Charlie 10/02/2004
Ghost King by David Gemell – sent to Johnnie 10/02/2004
Lord of the Fire Lands by David Duncan – sent to Duane 10/02/2004
People of the Earth by W. Michael Gear – sent to Duane 10/02/2004
The Demon Awakens by R. A. Savatore – sent to Charlie 10/02/04
The Empire Stone by Chris Banch – sent to Wade 10/02/2004
The Kings Peace by Jo Walton – sent to Patrick 10/02/2004
The Kingless Land by Ed Greenwood – sent to Lyrus 10/02/2004
The Third Wave by Alfred Toffler – went to Wade 10/02/2004
The Warlock’s Companion by Christopher Stashiff – sent to Lyrus 10/02/2004
Villians by Necessity by Forward Eve – sent to Scott 10/02/2004

RABCKS via Books for Soldiers

The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien – sent to Scott 10/02/2004
The Return of the King by J.R.R. Tolkien – sent to Scott 10/02/2004
The Two Towers by J. R. R. Tolkien – sent to Scott 10/02/2004
The Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien – sent to Scott 10/02/2004

Relays 2004

Relays 2004

Exit to Eden by Ann Rampling - sent to
The Last Supper by Diane Mott Davidson - sent to SCOUT-FINCH 09/01/2004
Insomnia by Stephen King - sent to gill846 08/11/2004
Glamour Puss by R. J. Kaiser - sent to LaceySavage 08/21/2004
A Time To Kill by John Grisham - sent to jdonahue1967 09/04/2004
Califorania Gold by John Jakes - sent to agschoolgrad 09/18/2004
Granny Dan by Danielle Steel - sent to ChinaSourcer 09/20/2004
Men on Men 6 by David Bergman - sent to GoryDetails 09/20/2004
Kentucky Rich by Fern Michaels - sent to Twinmaker 11/04/2004

Bookboxes 2004

BookBoxes 2004

Bookbox #1 (signed up 2004) (tenneh) #6/6
Bookbox #2 (signed up 2004) (tennah) #6/6
Brain Candy series bookbox (signed up 2004) (indymomto2) #9/9
Misc. Romance Book Box (signed up 2004) (indymomto2) #9/9
Remembering When Romance Bookbox #4 (signed up 2004) (FamFatale)

Agatha Christie Bookbox (signed up 2004) (aditey)
Received 11/01/04 - sent 12/27/04

Bookrings 2004

Bookrings 2004

The Life And Times of Darryl Sutter by E.C. McEnerny (signed up 2004)(nyisutter)
(Received & Sent 11/6/04)
Homesick: A Memoir by Sela Ward(signed up 2004) (casseytara)#1/3
(received & finished - sent 9/1/04)
Sissy (signed up 2004) (Tommach) #1/11
(received & finished - sent 9/8/04)
High Tide (signed up 2004) (casseytara)#3/3
(received 9/24 & Sent 11/6)
Pants on Fire (signed up 2004) (jenvince) #9/12
(Received 10/23/04 & Sent 12/30/04 )
Welcome to the World, Baby Girl! #4/6 (signed up 2004)
(Received 10/23 & TBR)
Wild and Wicked (signed up 2004) (Bunnylady) #1/5
(Rcd 10/30 & TBR)
Fast Women – Jennifer Crusie (signed up 2004) (bunnybee) #3/7
(received 11/11 – TBR)
Murder Of A Snake In the Grass (signed up 2004) (jenvince)
(received 10/30- TBR)
*Perfect Match vy Jodi Picoult(signed up 2004) (sp4home) #6/10
LOST 11/2004

What I read in 2004

What I’ve read 2004

I've read the following that since joining Bookcrossings. (Joined in July 2004 – Read 33) Maybe I can make do the 50/100 book challenge next year. (Note: they are in alpha order)

About Face By Fern Michaels (Library audio book)
Annie’s Rainbow by Fern Michaels (Library audio book)
Between Sisters by Kristin Hannah (Library audio book)
Bitter Sweet by Lavyrle Spencer (Bookray)
Bleachers by John Grisham
Custard's Last Stand by Tamar Myers
Dangerous to Know by Barbara Bradford Taylor
Flight Lessions by Patricia Gaffney
High Tide by Jude Devereaus (Bookring)
Hollywood Kids by Jackie Collins
Homesick A Memoir by Sela Ward (BookRing)
Kentucky Rich by Fern Michaels
Love In Another Town by Brabara Taylor Bradford (Library audio book)
Murder at Midnight by Elliott Roosevelt
No Place Like Home by Fern Michaels
One Pink Rose by Julie Garwood
Pants on Fire by Maggie Alderson (Bookring)
Separate Beds by LaVyrle Spencer
Sissy by Tom Mach (Bookring)
Special Agent Nanny : Colorado Confidential by Linda O. Johnston
The Cottage by Danielle Steel
The DiVinci Code by Dan Brown
The Ghost by Danielle Steel
The Heartbreaker by Carly Phillips (Library audio book)
The Life And Times of Darryl Sutter by E. C. McEnery (Bookring)
The Rocky Road to Romance by Janet Evanovich
The Saving Graces by Patricia Gaffney
Tiger Prince by Sandra Brown
Trading Place by Fern Michaels
Up Island by Anne Rivers Siddons
Vegas Heat by Fern Michaels
Vegas Rich by Fern Michaels
Vegas Sunrise by Fern Michaels


This is to help keep my profile page cleaned up. This is a virtual journal of what will detail completed Rings, Rays, Boxes, Relays, Trades, RABCK and challenges that I have accepted or participated in during 2004.